About Us

An Established Metal Fabricator and Assembler Providing Manufacturing Solutions
Wentel Engineering is an established metal fabricator and assembler. The company is principally involved in the fabrication of semifinished metal products, fabrication of metal parts and assembly of finished products.

Our group history dates back to 2000 when Twin Shell Engineering was founded, later renamed Wentel Engineering Sdn Bhd (WESB) in 2019. Initially specialising in metal parts fabrication, we expanded our scope to include the fabrication of semifinished metal products in the same year. By 2005, we further extended our capabilities to include the assembly of finished products.
Fueled by Innovation
Our core strength resides in the production facilities we possess. With in-house CNC machines, advanced equipment, and surface treatment capabilities, we position ourselves as a valuable partner for industry leaders across diverse sectors.

Our customers include manufacturers of security screening equipment, CNC machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, passenger coaches and industrial 3D printers.
Committed to
Sustainable Growth
Today, all our operations are consolidated under Wentel Engineering Holdings Berhad. This includes WESB, our headquarters in Johor, Malaysia, and Wentel Engineering Private Limited (WEPL), our sales office in Singapore. As part of our strategic vision, we plan to be listed in the ACE Market of Bursa Securities, underscoring our commitment to transparency and growth in the industry.
Our Vision
To be the leading and preferred provider for sheet metal and structural fabrication, distinguished by our in-house surface treatment and assembly capabilities.
Our Mission
●     Exceed customer expectations through excellent service and on-time deliveries.
●     Ensure shareholder satisfaction by consistently achieving growth in sales and productivity.
●     Prioritise employee satisfaction by cultivating a happy and fulfilling workplace.
●     Stay ahead of the industry through continuous technological upgrading and innovation
Foster partnerships and collaborations that benefit all parties involved.
Strive for excellence in everything we do, setting high standards for quality and performance.
Nurturing Innovation
Cultivate a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.
Uphold transparency in our operations, communication, and decision-making processes to instil confidence and assurance among our stakeholders.
environmental responsibility
Commit to environmentally responsible practices, minimising our ecological footprint.
Encourage a culture of continuous learning and development, promoting personal and professional growth.

Director's Message

For over two decades, Wentel Engineering has been committed to continuous improvement as we grow to become capable of providing comprehensive solution that meets the diverse needs of the machine and equipment manufacturing industry.
Our business philosophy at Wentel Engineering revolves around delivering comprehensive engineering solutions with a strong emphasis on quality and reliability. This commitment is deeply ingrained in our work culture and practices. Our commitment is reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications.
Looking ahead, our vision extends beyond being a mere industry player; we aspire to be a dynamic force driving change and progress, not just within our organisation but across the entire industry. This involves adopting emerging technologies, from advanced manufacturing to sustainable practices, in line with the evolving landscape of the engineering industry.

WE’RE TOGETHER,  side by side with you, on the journey towards a future marked by collective growth and accomplishment.
Non-Independent &
Non-Executive Chairman