Social, & Governance

Practices of Our Group

We are committed to adopting Environment, Social and Governance (“ESG”) practices such as ensuring environmentally responsible business operations, providing conducive workplaces for employees and maintaining a high standard of corporate governance for sustainable value creation and the overall benefits of our shareholders and stakeholders.




Ecosystem disruption occurs when natural habitats face significant alterations or damages, leading to the imbalance or loss of species and ecological functions. At Wentel Engineering, we acknowledge the critical need for conservation and restoration efforts to address these disruptions.
In managing environmental matters, we will focus on, amongst others, the following:
Being committed to environmental protection and stewardship by minimising risks and impacts to the environment in our daily operations;
Adhering to all applicable and relevant environmental regulatory and legal requirements;
Ensuring that waste generated from our operations and as well as from our community is managed and disposed of responsibly;
Actively contributing to the preservation and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems through collaborative efforts and community engagement.

Our Ongoing Efforts


Waste Management

In our commitment to environmental responsibility, waste management plays a pivotal role. We ensure strict adherence to scheduled waste management practices to comply with the Department of Environment (DoE) requirements. By preventing the release of harmful emissions or waste from our production processes, we actively mitigate potential sources of pollution.
In recognition of our dedication to environmental stewardship, Wentel Engineering is accredited with the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certification for our fabrication operations. We will ensure that our fabrication operations continue to comply with the relevant standards to facilitate our continuous retention of the said ISO certification.

Beach Cleaning

To prevent environmental pollution and safeguard marine ecosystems, we have mobilised our team alongside The Institution of Engineers Malaysia-Student Section of Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia (IEMSS-UTHM) and Civil Engineering Club of UTHM (KKA) in collaboration with the Malaysian Nature Society Johor Branch (MNSJ), to launch beach cleaning campaigns in the year 2022.
Ultimately, through beach cleaning, we aim to raise awareness of environmental stewardship, particularly by instilling eco-friendly habits in the younger generation, starting with students.

Clean Recycling

Our team initiated Clean Recycling campaigns starting in the year 2023 to engage employees in team activities and educational sessions focused on recyclable plastics (resin). The primary objectives include identifying the various types of plastic suitable for recycling and understanding the proper steps for effective recycling.
By deepening our employees' understanding of recyclable plastics and proper recycling procedures, we collectively contribute to reducing plastic waste in our communities. This knowledge empowers us to make informed choices, promoting responsible recycling practices that positively impact our environment and pave the way for a greener future.
In the future, we plan to sustain the initiative of conducting eco-campaigns with our employees and the community.




At Wentel Engineering, social wellbeing is a fundamental aspect of our commitment, extending our care not only to our employees but also to the broader society.
In managing social matters, we will focus on, amongst others, the following:
Establishing a safe, healthy, and conducive work environment for our employees;
Cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture that appreciates diversity and individuality;
Ensuring every employee has equal access to opportunities regardless of one’s age, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or any other relevant characteristics;
Eliminating improper behaviour, conduct and practices, including but not limited to workplace bullying, discrimination against individual differences, sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination, intimidation and victimisation;
Empowering our workforce by supporting their personal and professional development;
Respecting and upholding the fundamental workers’ rights by prohibiting child labour and forced labour of all types of forced labour;
Contributing to the well-being and development of the surrounding community through corporate social responsibility initiatives, employee volunteerism, employment creation and charity events.

Our Ongoing Efforts


Employee Training & Safety

To ensure a safe and healthy work environment, we implement robust safety and compliance policies across our business operations. Our employees undergo annual safety, health, and environmental training to enhance their workplace health and safety awareness.
In addition, we also carry out monthly inspections on our scheduled waste storage, chemical storage, and emergency procedures to ensure workplace safety.

Industrial Visit for University Students

Wentel Engineering has organised industrial visits for students from institutions like The Institution of Engineers Malaysia-Student Section of Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia (IEMSS-UTHM), aiming to offer them firsthand exposure to real-world engineering practices and insights into our manufacturing processes.
These visits are an integral part of our commitment to community engagement and the development of human capital. By facilitating these experiences, we aim to advance the engineering industry by equipping more individuals with practical tools and knowledge, and fostering collaboration for collective progress and technological advancement in the country.

A First-Aider in Every Home

Collaborating with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, we initiated first-aid training programs within our workplace in the year 2023, empowering our employees with essential skills to respond confidently and effectively during emergencies.
This initiative aims to enhance their preparedness and ability to take appropriate actions in critical situations, be it at the workplace or home. After completing the training, our workforce gains invaluable knowledge about handling emergencies before professional medical assistance arrives.

Blood Donation Drive

As a responsible corporate entity, we prioritise initiatives that contribute to supporting the Malaysian healthcare system.
In 2023, we initiated our first blood donation drive in collaboration with Hospital Sultanah Aminah at our Johor Bahru office premises. This undertaking illustrates our steadfast commitment to fostering a culture of community involvement and making impactful contributions to healthcare services throughout Malaysia.


Wentel Engineering’s governance structure encapsulates the framework guiding our organisational strategy and operational supervision. To safeguard the benefits of all our stakeholders, we actively work towards upgrading standards and protocols governing our actions, ensuring integrity, compliance, and conscientious decision-making across our operations.
In managing governance matters, we will focus on, amongst others, the following:
Upholding high standards of business ethics, integrity, and corporate governance practices;
Establishing and continually improving appropriate governance structures and processes;
Adhering to all applicable laws and regulations in relation to corporate governance;
Ensuring the adequacy and integrity of our Group’s internal control system through the implementation of appropriate and effective policies and procedures.
We recognise the importance of adhering to a high standard of corporate governance as set out in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (MCCG). To date, we have adopted, amongst others, the following practices of the MCCG:
At least half of our Board are independent directors;
At least 30% of our Board are women directors;
Our Audit and Risk Management Committee comprises solely of independent directors;
Our Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman is not a member of any of our board committees.